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How To Get Microsoft Word For Free

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Office is one of the most popular product suites in the world, meaning you will easily meet Office documents anywhere. If you need to open, edit or create Office documents but don’t want to spend money on a suite, there are a few things you can do. Use the free trial version to access Office features for 1 month. Or use the Office web app to create and edit documents online. There are also Office apps on mobile devices, or alternative apps that support the same Office format.

Microsoft Word Online: Free Browser Version

The absolute best way to use Microsoft Word free is with the online version [symple_button url=”http://www.wpexplorer.com/symple-shortcodes/” color=”blue” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Link[/symple_button]. Just log in with your Microsoft account to get started, or [symple_button url=”https://account.microsoft.com/account” color=”blue” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Here[/symple_button]

You can edit Word documents for free that are stored in your OneDrive account, upload new documents from your computer, and create brand-new Word documents without ever needing the offline version of MS Word.

Word Online saves all your work automatically, so you never have to hit the Save button. You can easily share your document online through a special link, let others collaborate with you, embed the document on your website, and download your work when you’re done, in the Word format, a PDF file, or ODT file.

Step 1: Visit the Office website: Microsoft offers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other free Office applications online. These versions are not as efficient as the desktop version, but they are still enough to use without installing or paying for them. Visit office.com to see available applications.
Step 2: Click on the Office program you want to use: You can see the available programs by scrolling down the Office page. Click on the program you want to launch.
Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft account. You can login to your personal Microsoft account, work or study account. After logging in, you can proceed using the selected program. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can sign up for free. New accounts are offered 5 GB of free storage on OneDrive, a document storage service accessible from computers and multiple devices.

The interface of the web application is almost identical to the desktop version. Use the tabs at the top to switch back and forth between editing options. Some applications are missing or limited. You must use the desktop version to access advanced features. Read the Microsoft support site to learn the differences between a desktop and web version of Word.

Word Mobile: Free Microsoft Word For Windows 10

Step 1: Download the Office app for iOS or Android mobile devices.

Microsoft 365 (Office)
Microsoft 365 (Office)

Microsoft develops free Office applications on Android and iOS. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The free version of the application provides basic creation and editing. You must be signed up for Office 365 to use advanced features.


Step 2: When launching the application for the first time, you are required to grant permission to access the device’s storage. Select agree to save and download files easily.

Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft account to connect to OneDrive. You are required to login to your Microsoft account when opening the application for the first time. You can skip this step, but log in or create a free account, you will be given 5GB of free storage on OneDrive and allows Office file synchronization through the device.

Download the trial version of Office on your computer

Try Microsoft 365 for free

Use an Office 365 trial for 1 month. You can use Office for free for 1 month by downloading a trial version of Office 365. The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

[symple_button url=”https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/microsoft-365/try” color=”blue” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Link[/symple_button]

You need a credit card to sign up for a free trial, if you continue to use it then the 2nd month will begin to charge. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the first month to not be charged but still be used until the end of the month.

Step 2: Click on the “Try 1-month free” button. This will start the registration process.

Sign in to your Microsoft account or create a new account. You are required to login to your Microsoft account. You can use your Hotmail, Live.com or Outlook.com email to log in, or create a new account for free. You must create an account to try it out.

Step 3: You must enter a credit or debit card to start trial. You will not be charged immediately, but if you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the trial, you will be charged monthly.

After creating your account and entering your credit card information, you will be given a link to download the Office 365 installer. The small size installer should download very quickly.

Step 4: After downloading, run the installer to officially download and install Office. You may be required to login to your Microsoft account before starting download.

During the installation, you are given the choice to see which Office products you want to install. You can save time and hard drive space by unchecking unused programs. You can install it later if needed.

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