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The cases of Facebook nick being hacked are not new until now. Even the famous, influential people in society are no exception. The problem of Facebook hacking has never subsided, and if you are not careful and timely, you will easily lose your personal Facebook account and information into the wrong hands.

1. Log in multiple times early your Facebook room to be hacked

When a hacker successfully logs into your Facebook account, they leave a trace. You log into Facebook, open Settings> Privacy and login. And you will see the list of devices logged in at what time, where. You should also log into your computer once a week to verify your device’s IP.

Signs that you are not the only owner:

  • Strange device appears to log in to your Facebook
  • Automatically send strange messages to your friends
  • The personal information, including password, email, name has been changed

2. Ask a friend to confirm your Facebook password

If you already use the Trusted Contacts feature. That’s fine, ask a trusted person to let you sign in and get your password back. If you haven’t set this up yet, do so now.

You select Settings> Security and login. Scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out of your account under the Enhance Privacy section, and follow Facebook’s instructions.

3. Report scratched accounts

If you think the account has been compromised by someone or the virus, please click the “My account has been compromised” button below. Facebook will help you log back into your account so you can regain control.

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The Facebook Hack

4. Immediately remove suspicious applications

Sometimes, it is you who leaked your login information when logging in bluff into third-party applications, questions, unknown games. Make your Facebook no longer safe. To remove these linked apps, go to Settings> Apps and websites and choose to remove them

In the information society, you should try to understand each application carefully and select the contingency plans that happen. With Facebook, you should set up two-layer security, choose who you contact to regain your account. Do not rush to follow the trends of fortune telling, photo editing, face change, … but accidentally give information to the bad guys. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to share in the comments section below.

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